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Noblerex K1

Goes From Dropping Bone Density to Normal and Spinal Condition Straightens Out!

I’m 45 years old and have a family history of Osteoporosis and I’ve been taking medication for a period of time and got concerned about the health issues. So we went online and purchased the vibrator machine about a year ago and I just had a bone density scan and my spine has straightened up completely and I have not dropped in my percentage with my bone density I’m still the same I was without any mediction except calcium!

**Results are not guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual.

Kathy Williamson

Noblerex K1

Cramping Gone, White Hair Turns Black and Bones as Strong as Steel

"The K-1 exerciser has been phenomenal. The amazing benefits started the first week. For four years, I had $200 special massages to break up the blockages in my body and also stop my feet from cramping and the toes from contorting every time I was in my exercise class, but the cramping was getting worse. The cramping finally disappeared the first week on the K-1, and I no longer have to stop while exercising to release the toes. For the past 29 years, I have had back and hip problems due to a freak accident. I had a big lump on the side of my neck which the massages and chiropractics never took away for long. The lump also disappeared in the first week. I’ve also had a vertebra between my shoulder blades that always felt as though it was popped backwards out of alignment. When I was told how to sit on the machine, this problem disappeared in a couple of days.

Within a month, the white hair became less noticeable. I was told impossible, but five months later the one-inch wide distinctive stripe is gone and my hair is getting darker. A friend who has been trying to get me to shape up for fifteen years said that this is the first time I’m developing muscles in the abs area and that I have more curves where I should and losing where I should. Also I noticed that briefly laying on my stomach on the K-1 is great for the bowels.

The best news is that when I took a couple of falls, my hips and back didn’t go badly out leaving me in excruciating pain like it had in the past. The one accident is unbelievable. I slipped off the top of some wet stairs (5 stairs up) with a heavy door pushing me. Instead of bumping down on my rear end, I somehow was turned face up and was propelled through the railing and time seemed to stop as I looked at the sky while floating on my back before being dumped on the ground. When I was younger, my hips and entire spine would severely go out of alignment with each fall, often taking a year or more to recover. Fourteen years ago when I flipped on my back in a skating accident, my upper tailbone split and separated. Although I finally have a great chiropractor, I know that the combination of the K-1 and my daily raw super green/fruit smoothie concoctions also helped to save the day by making my bones stronger.

Although I was exercising and having plenty of nutritious raw food, prior to the K-1 I didn’t seem to have the results I should have had. The K-1 has simply made everything good I was doing work so much better!"

**Results are not guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual.

Naomi Moy

Noblerex K1

Raw Food Guru David Wolfe Talks About the Noblerex K1

**Results are not guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual.

David Wolfe

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