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"I'm Ordering a Second K1 for My daughter!"

"What an amazing continuing transformation of my health and body shape after purchasing the Platinum Noblerex K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine. I have used it for 9 months. I also changed to healthy eating habits. To date I have lost 24 lbs and am wearing 3 sizes smaller. Using the K-1 for 1 hour a day has strengthened my muscles, my knees quit aching and my back is stronger. I am almost 67 and have great energy. I still run my business and feel wonderful. Another great benefit is having a health professional to call for assistance at any time you have a question. I am ordering a second one for my daughter.This will be the best gift for her future health and well being. YOU GOTTA GET ONE!!!!! Healthy and Happy in Calif."

**Results are not guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual.

Kathy Houg

Noblerex K1

"The customer service has just been over-the-top-amazing!"

"I got my Noblerex K1 about 10 days ago and I LOVE IT. (I kind of had to back off a little because I over did it the first few days since it was just so darned fun to feel the vibes go through different muscles in my body!) Now I am only doing it once a day and can feel a difference in my over all body strength and energy levels. I can feel what it is doing to my lymph system and you just can’t get this kind of activation any other way! As a holistic health consultant and body worker, I consider this a major breakthrough for the future of holistic healing modalities. (Now I am just waiting to see what it does for my waistline. (I am waiting to see what it does for my waistline , so I will get back to you on that one :)

"One thing that pleasantly surprised me was the “over the top” extreme customer service. I have had many phone calls and e-mails first letting me know when I would receive my machine and helping me get it from the main road to my house because there was a road restriction on my road, and then after it arrived, were there to help with any questions I might have. I have never seen a company that was so in touch with the customers and really there for support. (And to my surprise, they all speak English and I could understand them!) You’re the Best!"

**Results are not guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual.

LauraLee M, WA

Noblerex K1

"I'm starting to get a trimmer belly again, which I'm really happy to see. The service after the sale I think is just OUTSTANDING service as well!"

**Results are not guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual.

David Wolfe

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